“Je freier man atmet, je mehr lebt man.“ (Theodor Fontane)

The more freely one inhales, the more one lives.

To breathe freely in order to live freely is what Susanne Weber-Lehrfeld decided to do in 2003 when she gave up her day job as pharmacist to work exclusively as a freelance artist.

Years of engagement with ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance serve Susanne Weber-Lehrfeld as a foundation for producing her own video and performance art. Specifically for this purpose she built a Blue Box that creates an environment in which she can both work behind the camera and be the protagonist of her own video installations. Her works are intense physical engagements that question different aspects of being-in-the-world. The interchange between the mind and what evolves from its thought processes, including literary quotes, into a physical expression through improvisation that no longer relies on particular forms plays an important role. Because she employs a variety of media, Susanne Weber-Lehrfeld met the actor and writer Can Fischer in 2008 which was the beginning of a rich artistic collaboration.

Suanne Weber-Lehrfeld sees life as an absorbing and beautiful process. She is committed to searching for a truth that seeks to go beyond conventional concepts of “good” and “evil”. She is always searching for ways to express her many interests and the facets of her personality. She takes acting lessons, works in a sculpture studio, rents a studio in order to engage with painting in its widest possible meaning. And since 2010 has been studying at the University of Arts UdK Berlin. Her video ‘Welche Nahrung gibst Du Deiner Seele‘ was awarded the third prize at the Kunstwoche Jesteburg 2006. Her works have been exhibited in, amongst other cities, Bielefeld, Berlin, Florence, Milan, Paris, Ankara and New York.